2nd Graders at P.S. 43 tell fairy tales

Students participated in a week-long Li’l Stories Lab, where they created, captured, and shared stories. They retold the The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen and had a lot of fun creating their own fairy tales. Students actively discussed and created visual stories and practiced critical thinking, communication and collaborating with friends. Here are second graders’ fairy tales from March of 2018:

Stories from Mrs. Beardsley and Mrs. Tedeschi’s Class

Alysson and Arianys

Jayliana and Daina

Taesean and Amaya

Angela and Karter

Andy and Eric

Alex and Yandel

Branden, Hamadou and Najah

Stories from Mrs. Brown’s Class

Jacob and Leily

Genesis and Peter

Alora and Anthony

Saniyah and Emelyah

Oummou and Genesy

Amiyah and Emma

Sharell and Triniti 

Brayden and Janiyah

Julliette and Ana

Aaron and Sharon

Nyasia and Juliet

Stories from Mrs. Pagan’s Class

Chelsea and Tobias

Justin, Cesia and Kira

Sharell and Christopher

Justin and Jean Carlos

Ziyah and Xavier

Sendy and Hailey

Dayanna and Diafara

Yeydeck and Christopher

Khloé and Janilzy

Heaven, Mustafa and Anthony

Naomi and Ashley

David and Semaj

Li’l Stories Lab: Fairy Tales

Subject: Writing
Target Skills: Understanding fairy tale story elements
Goals: Students will recount a fairy tale and use story elements learned to construct original fairy tales.
Outcome: Visual storyboards, written narratives, story videos, and oral presentations