Team 306 tells animal stories

Students participated in a 1 week long Li’l Stories Lab, where they collaborated, created, captured, and shared stories. They had a lot of fun researching an animal and creating animal stories incorporating the facts they had gathered from their research. Students studied elephants, lions, meerkats, or monkeys, learned new vocabulary, and practiced critical thinking, communication and collaborating with friends. Here are Team 306’s animal stories from May of 2017:

Elephant, Lion, Meerkat, and Monkey Stories

Elephant Stories

Written Narratives

Li’l Stories Lab: Animal Study

Subject: Reading Workshop, Science
Target Skills: Realistic fiction story development
Goals: Students will produce clear and coherent animal stories while integrating some real facts about animals.
Outcome: Visual storyboards, written narratives, story videos, and oral presentations
Lab Topic: The lab can be structured around any animal studied in class.