Team 211 tells stories inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Team 211 participated in a week-long Li’l Stories Lab, where they collaborated with friends and told lots of stories. They had a lot of fun learning about the basic insect life-cycle, retelling The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and creating original stories based on the character of the book. Students captured their stories using our Li’l Stories app and shared their stories with their friends. Students learned about story elements and sequencing, practiced communication and collaborating with friends. Here are Team 211’s stories from February of 2018:

Original Caterpillar Stories

Morrison and Oscar

Otto and Beckett

Avi and Maria Elena

Lucas and Maggie

Cody and Oliver

Sasha and Edo

Jamison and Alex

Kavya and Beia

Morrison and Lucas

Tessa, Khloe, Shohei

Alma and Daana

Mila and Laila

Li’l Stories Lab: Caterpillar Stories

Subject: Reading Workshop, Science
Target Skills: Retell (Oral and Writing), Sequencing, Original Piece-Text Innovation
Goals: Students will produce a clear and coherent retell of the text. Students will compose an original story with proper story structure using some elements from the text.
Outcome: Visual storyboards with writing, story videos, and oral presentations