Kindergarten tells Freckle Juice stories

Kindergarten classes participated in a week-long Li’l Stories Lab, where they collaborated, created, captured, and shared stories. They had a lot of fun retelling the first two chapters they had read in Judy Blume’s Freckle Juice and predicting alternate endings for the text. Here are students’ predictions from May of 2018:

Stories from K-01 (Mrs. Carrior)

Abigail and Daniel

Jailyn and Richard

Elisha and Nala

Kayla and Tyliyah

Ayanna and Liam

Izabella and Phoenix

Nicholas and Preston

Brayden and Hailey

Ibrahim, Jayden, Natalie and Sacred

Stories from K02 (Mrs. Lizardo and Mrs. Pacheco)

Arlisse and Kylie

Alex and Bryon

Viviana and Gabriel

Mariah and Moses

Aaralyn and Henry

Emma and David

Aiden S. and Matthew

Christian and Roselyn

David and Lapriest

Destiny and Khaleeya

Jazmin and Uriel

Stories from K03 (Mrs. Diaz’s Class)


Abdulai and Kayralee

Dominic and Naty

Fanta and Ryan

Khadijatou and Macayla

Fanta and Kylle

Ian and Karla

Arvin and Tamia


Kenneth and Naema

Li’l Stories Lab: Freckle Juice

Subject: Literacy, Writing
Target Skills: Making predictions; Fictional story development; Text Innovation
NYS Standards: RL.K.2 Students retell familiar stories; W.K.3 Students use drawing, dictating and writing to narrate loosely linked events; W.K.6 Students use digital tools to produce and publish writing in collaboration with peers.
Goals: Students will be able to utilize their understanding of the beginning narrative of Freckle Juice by Judy Blume to produce their own original alternate endings. Students will use their knowledge of sequencing to write appropriate endings that demonstrate their understanding of cause and effect.
Outcome: Visual storyboards, story videos, descriptive sentence, and oral presentations