4th Graders Tell Immigration Stories

4th Grade classes participated in a week-long Li’l Stories Lab, where they collaborated, created, captured, and shared stories. Students used what they learned in their unit on Immigration to develop original immigration stories. They planned their stories using a Li’l Stories storyboard and then converted them into an accordion-style collage book. Here are students’ immigration stories from June of 2018:

Stories from 401 (Mrs. Nunez)

Jordan, Julliet and Mamadou

Elijah, Sarah and Jennifer

Charles, Zahshif and Hayden

Ruben, Jennelly and Yousif

Johan, Anastacie and Amari

Jayden, Owen and Mahamdeu

Stories from 402 (Mrs. Linares)

Bryant, Joshua and Wesley

Jayla and Sanaa

Jayden, Fatima and Kenneth

Juan and Sayd

Mia, Lightness and Erianne

Aiden and Genesis

Armon and Christopher

Stories from 403 (Mrs. Linares)

Neron, Kamiah and Julian

Cameron, Saleh and El Aboubacar

Bilal and Soleil

Justyn, Jeffrey and Caliph

Wilson and Preston

Li’l Stories Lab: Immigration Stories

Subject: Literacy
Target Skills: Historical story development; Text Innovation; Collage
NYS Standards: ELA.RI.4.3 Explain events or concepts in a historical text, including what happened and why, based on specific information in the text; ELA.W.4.2.B Develop the topic with facts, concrete details, or other information and examples related to the topic.
Goals: Students will integrate their knowledge of early immigrant lives in New York City into an original “A Day in the Life…” story.
Outcome: Visual storyboards, story videos, accordion collage book