At Li’l Stories our mission is to prepare children to be thinkers, problem solvers and innovators. We envision a world where all children, regardless of zip code, enjoy learning and have opportunities to exercise creative thinking in the classroom. We work closely with teachers and students to develop learning activities that foster the development of critical 21st century skill like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and digital literacy.

Our Team

Anke Stohlmann

Founder, Experience Design & Learning

Julliene Gatchalian

Curriculum & Learning

Diane Bezucha

Curriculum & Learning

Tim Au Yeung


Maureen McNeil

Business Dev. & Fundraising

Richard Baker


Starting Our Story Together

Once upon a time—specifically in winter 2014—we had the idea for an educational framework that utilizes the power of storytelling to help teach communication skills to children. By early 2016, Li’l Stories is being used by educators at several schools around the country. And since 2017, we run Li’l Stories Labs, 1-week storytelling programs, in several elementary schools in New York City.

Li’l Stories is inspired in part by Li’l Stories founder Anke Stohlmann’s daughter Luna (now a 8th grader) and her love for stories. We developed Li’l Stories closely with teachers and students and spent many happy hours in the classroom—prototyping with kids and teachers, observing and listening to their needs and learning from clients, colleagues, friends and users. Creating a framework that helps teachers and makes learning fun for students was the first and most important step.

Our journey is just getting started, but we’ve already had an extraordinary response and are making a positive impact on hundreds of students. Here are some stats since our Kickstarter launch in October 2015.

140 Kickstarter backers helped us get Li’l Stories off the ground. Thank you!

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