Li’l Stories is a language arts framework for elementary school classrooms that nurtures creative thinking, cooperative learning and digital literacy. We use storytelling as a platform for learning across multiple content areas. Our child-centered approach puts students in the driver seat: they have fun, collaborate, and learn to express themselves through visual, spoken, and written storytelling. Li’l Stories helps teachers reinforce classroom topics and reach multiple intelligences.

Easy curriculum integration

Li’l Stories is easy to integrate into existing curriculum units. It provides teachers with a flexible process for meeting language goals that can result in oral presentations, written narratives, puppet shows, story videos and stop-motion animations.

Target Skill areas

pre-writing and Writing

listening and oral language

Cooperative Learning and creative thinking

digital literacy

What teachers are saying about Li’l Stories


“My students love creating stories, drawing and telling them. They are engaged and don’t even realize they are learning.”
—KELLY, 1st grade teacher, PS 3

Creative Thinking

“It helps students find their voice. They are working on how stories are put together. It helps them organize their thinking.”
—MAGNUS2nd and 3rd grade teacher, PS 3

Oral Language

“Telling stories helps kids overcome their shyness. They can use the visuals on the storyboard as talking points.”
—CHARLY, 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, PS 3

Getting Started

Li’l Stories is a natural fit for the classroom, designed to work with most curriculum units or to function as a standalone storytelling unit. Download our starter kit or try one of our lesson plans to get started.

Li’l Stories Starter Kit

Our starter kit includes everything you need to get started: Teacher’s Guide, Activity Ideas, Curriculum Map, and Storyboards for Grades K-2 and Grades 1-4. All you need is a printer, 11″ by 17″ sheets of paper and markers.

Li’l Stories Starter Kit

Li’l Stories Labs

Would you like us to tell stories with your class? Schedule a Li’l Stories Lab: students engage in the collaborative process of creating and sharing a narrative. Our Labs are tied into a classroom’s curriculum and can have a variety of outcomes.

 Li’l Stories Labs

Lesson Plans

Our sample lesson plans utilize custom materials to guide students through a collaborative story creation process as it fosters critical thinking and analytical skills. The lessons are designed to be taught independently or integrated into an existing curriculum unit.

Lesson Plans

PD Workshops

Would you like to learn more? Schedule a Li’l Stories for Educators Workshop at your school. Our professional development workshops introduce classroom teachers and school staff to the Li’l Stories framework and approach to learning.

PD Workshops